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What the blood brings…
Imagine a moment:

Who better than someone who has traveled the courts, to know the real needs to which a Polo player is exposed?

Who has experienced closely the sweat of the agitated horses, seen the sunset at the end of a decisive game, the wind in the face when pursuing a defining ball, the fragments of earth torn off by the hooves of the horses during the gallop, as a mark of the brave ... and enough information in the head and heart, on what is necessary for the mallet to possess the balance just for the expected shot, so that the ball obeys and satisfies the desire for victory.

In Martín Sirvent's tacos you can feel the winning gallop pulse.
After wielding them ... a before and after on the field of play.
Applied Experience
MSTACOS is a family business entirely dedicated to the repair and manufacture of mallets. the best and most suitable mallets are made and repaired with carefully selected materials, to practice this exciting sport.

MSTACOS is a company that enjoys national and international recognition.

The essence of our work
  • We distribute and make e Polo clothes, own and prestigious brands of international recognition.
  • We make, repair and customize polo mallets, clothing, saddles and accessories for clubs or teams.
  • We organize and develop Polo courses.
  • We raise, maintain and prepare horses for this such noble sport.
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