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Once upon a time…
This story began with the most precious condiment with which the most beautiful stories are seasoned: love and passion.

During the '80s, the Sirvent brothers were seized by the curious Hobby of repairing their own polo mallets and that of their friends.

Guided by the affection and by the powerful hands of their mother, Doña Carmen, the young brothers continued their work improving themselves, growing without pause with the years, as do the true passions that come from within, until they see it materialize in a product of the highest quality.

This circumstance gave birth and meaning to an original and exclusive family business, a pioneer in the center of the country in the field of repairs of polo mallets.
A new step
In 1996, the effort, the constant dedication and the innovative interest of its owner, Martin Sirvent, paid off: the company was transformed, updated and becoming a saddle shop and new mallets factory, as well as all the necessary accessories for the equipment of the Polo player and his horse.

The careful dedication in the selection of raw materials, from Indonesia and Malaysia, the meticulous craftsmanship and personalized work of giving each mallet its corresponding weight, its favorite color, the grip tailored to the player and every little detail, make MS TACOS offer quality products for the comfort and satisfaction of the Polo player.
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